Hand Histories

About hand histories

A hand history is a record of a played poker. It contains information about the game type, the stakes, the stacks of each player at the table, the dealt cards at each round and information about betting actions. A poker hand history also contains the hole cards known to the player that requested the hand.
Most poker clients automatically store a hand history for each hand a player was involved in.


Tracking software

Tracking software such as PokerTracker and Holdem Manager are based on these stored hand histories. These softwares automatically read the hand histories from your hard disk, convert them into a usable format and store the information in a database on your computer. While the hand histories are being imported, the tracking software detects the open tables on your screen and it displays a HUD. The HUD contains information about each player at the table. With the HUD information, better decisions can be made.


MPN Hand histories

In April 2017, there was a big change made to they way the microgaming poker clients store hand histories. A lot less information is now stored into the hand histories. The idea is to protect casual players and improve their game experience.

Cash Games Hand histories

For cash game poker tables, only hand histories were you have put money into the pot will be fully recorded. Fully recorded means that all information about the hand will be available in the hand history: stacks, your hole cards, other seen cards, betting actions and so on are stored into the file.

For hands were you folded preflop without having put any money on the table, only information about your hole cards and your stack will be saved. Microgaming claims that tracking your own play should still be possible, but we believe some important information is missing this way: Folding pocket 10’s when you are facing a 4bet is not the same as folding pocket 10’s when no one raised before you.

Anonymous tables hand histories

For anonymous tables it is even worse. No hand history information will be stored whatsoever. This is somewhat acceptable. The whole idea of the anonymous tables is to play anonymously on a table, hence, having no information on who you are playing against. However, this change makes it impossible to track your own play.

Tournament hand histories

The change of April 2017 only affects cash games. MPN tournaments are still saving hand histories as they did before.


MPN tracking software

The consequence of this change is that tracking software such as PokerTracker and Holdem Manager are no longer supporting cash games on the microgaming network. Instead of displaying incomplete and incorrect data, no information will be available for the MPN tables if you run the latest versions.

If you still want to have a HUD with the hand history data that microgaming provides, you can install and use older versions. These are the latest versions that still import MPN cash game hands:

It is important to know that some of the data displayed in the HUD will be skewed and unreliable. Especially data about preflop folds, because these types of hands are not imported. For example, your fold to steal will be 0, 3bet % will be 100% and so on, because folded hands will not be imported.

Of course, you can still use the latest version of Holdem Manager for tracking Microgaming tournaments.