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First Deposit Bonus

PokerLoco offers 6 first deposit bonuses. You can pick a bonus when you log into the poker client for the first time.

€1000Rake €5 / bonus €20%60 days€1000 x 1-
€750Rake €5 / bonus €20%60 days€ 750 x 1-
€500Rake €5 / bonus €20%60 days€ 500 x 1-
€250Rake €5 / bonus €20%60 days€ 250 x 1-
€100Rake €5 / bonus €20%60 days€100 x 1-
€50Rake €5 / bonus €20%60 days€50 x 1-

PokerLoco bonus details

Bonus clearing – A PokerLoco bonus is cleared by generating 5€ rake for every € the bonus is worth. For example, to clear the full €1000 bonus, you need to generate €5000 rake. You can track the bonus releasing progress in the PokerLoco poker client.

20% rakeback – All PokerLoco bonuses are equivalent to receiving 20% rakeback: You receive €1 for every €5 rake. On top of the bonus, 30% extra rakeback can be earned in the PokerLoco VIP program.

1 chunk – All PokerLoco bonuses are released in one lump sum. If you can’t generate the required rake within the 60 days period, your end up with no bonus money. We recommend to  pick a bonus on the small side. Do not aim for a bonus that is rather high for your play.



PokerLoco has a VIP program where you can earn up to 30% cashback. The VIP program is based on PokerLoco points (PLPs).

You receive 10 PLPs for every 1$ payed in rake or entry fee. Rake is taken in euro, but the PokerLoco points calculations are made in USD. Current exchange rates are applied.

LevelRequirement PLPRequirement RakeCashback
Silver1 PLP0.1$ / month10%
Gold500 PLP50$ / month15%
Platinum1000 PLP100$ / month20%
Diamond3000 PLP300$ / month30%

You can combine a bonus with PokerLoco cashback.

When you open an account at PokerLoco, you are automatically enrolled for cashback. You do not need to sign up for the program.

PokerLoco cashback details

All payments are in EUR, but the underlying calculations are made in USD. Daily exchange rates are applied.

You can convert 30 PLPs into $1 cash. The amount of loyalty points that can be converted depends on your current VIP Level, so that it matches the cashback percentage. PokerLoco points that can’t be exchanged for cash can be used to buy certain multi-table tournament tickets at a ratio of 100 PLPs for every 1USD buy-in (=10% rakeback).

For example, if you have 30% cashback, you need to earn 33 PLPs (=$3.3 rake) in order to convert 30 PLPs into $1 cash. $1 is 30% of your $3.3 rake. The remaining 3 PLPs can’t be converted into cash but can be used to buy tournament tickets.

Second example, if you have 10% cashback, you need to collect 100 PLPs (=$10 rake) in order to convert 30 PLPs into $1 cash. $1 is 10% of your $10 rake. The remaining 70 PLPs can’t be converted into cash but can be used to buy tournament tickets.

The exchange can be made directly in the PokerLoco poker client. You can choose when you convert your PokerLoco points (e.g. you can wait to move up a level). Note that your PokerLoco Points will expire after 180 days from the date earned.