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First Deposit Bonus

Red Star Poker offers 1 first deposit bonus. The bonus is automatically assigned when you make your first deposit.

200% up to €2000Rake €5 / bonus €20%60 days10 chunks-

RedStar Poker bonus details

Bonus clearing – The underlying system to clear the Red Star Poker bonus is based on loyalty points. You need 50LPs for every $1 bonus money. Since you receive 10LP for each $1 rake, this comes down to 5€ rake for every € the bonus is worth. For example, to clear the full €2000 bonus, you need to generate €10000 rake. You can track the bonus releasing progress in the RedStar poker client.

20% rakeback – The Red Star poker bonus is equivalent to receiving 20% rakeback: You receive €1 for every €5 rake. On top of the bonus, you earn 30% extra fixed rakeback in the RedStar poker loyalty program.

Chunks – The bonus is released in 10 chunks, each chunk is 10% of the full bonus amount. As soon as you generate enough rake for one part of the bonus, you will receive the bonus money on your account. To receive the full bonus amount, you need to generate the required rake within 60 days after entering the bonus code.



Red Star Poker has a rakeback system where you earn a fixed 30% cashback.

LevelRequirementRequirement RakeCashback
All players1 LP0.1$ / month30%

You can combine a bonus with Red Star Poker cashback.

When you open an account at Red Star Poker, you are automatically enrolled for cashback. You do not need to sign up for the program.

RedStar Poker cashback details

The cashback system at Red Star Poker is based on Loyalty Points (LP). You receive 10 LPs for every dollar payed in rake or entry fee. Rake is taken in euro, but the loyalty points are calculated in USD. Current exchange rates are applied when needed.

You can convert every 33LPs into $1 cash.The exchange can be made directly in the Red Star Poker client. Loyalty Points will expire after 180 days from the date earned.